Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Back to School Giveaway!

When, I was a kid, a long, long, long, long....................time ago!  School started after Labor Day, it was the last holiday weekend, people went camping and had their last summer fling.  Now I know a lot of areas that go back early August, I feel lucky my children don't go back until after Labor Day!  I love summer break with them, it would be the time of year I would preserve and live over and over!

Without much further ado, here is sweet Lark, for a Back to School, September giveaway.  Lark was sent graciously to me from Jean of TigerLilys Dolls. 

 Here she is of course first thing we did was run and visit the gardens, before the fall weather takes over

Tigerlily dolls are a wonderful family production, this is one of the things I find truly endearing about them and it shines right through Miss Lark in her personality.

Jean makes the dolls, for her mother to dress, they both have excellent sewing skills!   Grandma TigerLily, used to make wedding dress, this was something my own dear grandmother use to do.  Jean started making the dolls, so her mother could make clothes as health issues have slowed her down from the Wedding industry.

Jeans husband crochets, the little parts like the booties that Lark is wearing, they are very nicely crocheted, very sturdy little boots.

Lark, is dressed in a very cute Navy Blue summer dress, that is accented with fun palm trees, and trimmed in  a soft light green, the dress features, top stitching detail on the hem and the halter tie at the tip and is finished up with a Sun button medallion.

 Having a rest in the Lavender before we move on!

 Lark didn't have the answer but I am a little worried the pumpkin plants are not going to get gourds on them, being we are past September and still just big yellow blooms?

Well even if no Pumpkins, the leaves sure got big!  Lark is a petite 9 inches next to that leaf!

Lark is definitely adventuresome she took right off and climbed the swing set.

As well as trying out one of the inner tubes that hasn't gotten put away yet.
We are mostly certainly lark was able to pop by for a visit and we do very truly like her! Ah but a giveaway she is, so let's get on with how Lark could come to live with you!

Lark is very well sewn, she has the cutest little plump tummy and belly button ever.  Her gorgeous hair is from Luxfish.  I believe she would be fine for any age child, do keep in mind if you intend her for a younger child, supervise play time to keep pretty wool from going to down little ones throat and also to keep an eye on her button accent in case it came loose.  Lark will be a great friend and lots of fun to play dress up with.

How to enter, just leave a comment below and make sure you check out Tigerlily's on Facebook!  And keep an eye on their Etsy Shop!!/pages/TigerLilys/219643704714613

Don't forget to visit Waldorf Doll and Cloth Doll Shopper on FB too!!/pages/Waldorf-Doll-Cloth-Doll-Shopper/205621946135909

I will draw a winner through RNG, Friday shortly after I pick my kiddos up from school.
Please enter only if you would like Lark to become a cherished member of your family.