Friday, May 27, 2011

A Journal for keeping your Beautiful Waldorf friends in

Making a Doll Journal

I have always liked to know details about things.  I have always liked to keep what I think is important information, I am very detail orinented.  So after a few Waldorf Dolls moved into our home I decided one day I needed to make a journal of some sort for them, a scrapbook if you like.  A Place to keep them cataloged.  I admit I admire many of the different makers and hope to have many of them represented some day in my collection.  That is my collection and Fi's dear play friends!

So I picked up a fairly plain journal at Target, just went with one that I liked the layout of,  It had the right dividers and some cool pockets, it inspired me to want to give it an important job.

In the front it has a nice pocket to keep extra pictures and business cards and what nots, before you paste them into their designated places.
Front pocket

Business card keeping safe in the closeble envelope

The pocket is double sided, in the Back side  I keep papers that can't be glued on because of being doublesided.  and on the opposite side divider is a nice collage of small pictures.

In the first section of the journal I have recorded all the information I may want to look up in reagards to all my favorite Doll shops!  Shop names, locations, email addresses, anything...............
And after leaving some pages blank, for more doll makers, next up I have a listing of all the dolls we currently have by the dolls name and the Doll artist, shop name.  Plenty of room there to for more!

Next section divider decorated with small snapshot again.  I print all the pictures at home, and I print them a variety of sizes.

And then we get into the good stuff, this is where the pictures of the dolls go, their first pictures of when they arrived!  I record information about them, who made them, height, when they were made, when I got them........all the good stuff!

Each doll takes up more than 1 page, more like 2 - 4 pages, thanks to my love of taking pictures.  And I do a little journaling around the pictures.

When I started the journal I had to do catch up an put everyone in at once, I did put them in order of arrival.  In the picute on the right I made a little pocket out of some vellum so I could slide in the dollmakers double sided post card, this was it can be taken out so both sides can be looked at.

The journal is a great place to keep hand written notes that come with the dolls.

I have plenty of pages still for recording the doll's adventures as they do things with the little Miss or one of the little Mister's!

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