Friday, June 3, 2011

A Dollar Store Waldorf

When this link was shared with me by my sister it seemed like a great challange!  And yes indeed challenging!  So I ran right over to the nearest dollar store and spent maybe $10.  I got extra socks and bags of cotton Balls.

So here is the stuff I picked up for this experiment.

In the link that gave me this idea I could not find actual directions on how they did it. So other than the materials list and the idea I am winging it!

First up rolling the head.  I have never rolled a Waldorf head even out of wool, so with cotton balls and no idea, this is what I came up with. I unrolled the cottong balls and twisted the first ones to roll a tight ball.  After I had a decent ball started I just unrolled them flat and then rolled them on.  I also ended up dampening the cotton, which seemed to make it stick to itself and form better.

When I couldn't stand to roll on another cotton ball, I decided the size was good.  I tied it into a nylon stocking.  Then I rolled a tiny little nose and tied it into a little piece of stocking and sewed it on to the face.

I wrapped twine around to mark the eye line, and then covered the whole base in another nylon stocking 
Dollar store socks are awfully thin so
I used a white sock first and then
the tan sock
Afer wrapping the thread around
the inner sock I brought it out on the side

Wrapped it around the neck and tied it up, looks all right at
at this point

Next up I cut open the socks so I could visualize where to go next

I think I am seeing a body and an arms

Body arms, legs, I think I can see them

1 arm created!

I traced that one on paper and made the 2nd arm

rip up the cotton balls to do the stuffing

Here we go Head, body, arms, have to figure out something with the neckline, but I am sure it will come to me.

Went and grabbed some yarn, and embroidery floss, so these are going to be her colors, not sure if it is going to be brown eyes or blue eyes.

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  1. This is fantastic! What a great challenge for you! I cant wait to see more updates - way to go!!

    ~ Cristi Carpenter