Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank you Fan's Giveaway!

I have always loved, Handcrafted items, so the love of Waldorf and other Handmade toys didn't take long for me to become quite immersed and fascinated!

Which led to the Facebook Page Waldorf Doll and Cloth Doll Shopper, which of course needed to have a blog attached to it!

With over 200 fans, who must like many of the same things I like, I am very appreciative that you are all out there and take time to read and see what I have to share, thank you.  So with no further delay......................except those silly dots...............................I offer up my first giveaway item.................

Here she is a hand crocheted Tinkerbell doll!

Here is Tinkerbell hanging out with the summer flowers.  She is Handcrotched by a dear friend, if I we had waited for me to do one, it would be a very long time until she would be ready for a giveaway, lucky for me, I have a friend who is a whip at this sort of thing.

The Pattern for this super cute Tinkerbell was bought from Crochet Faery, off of Etsy,

Here, is I hope a nice close up picture of her.  She is made from your regular craft store, type yarns, so nothing fancy, and I do believe they are all blends.  As well as she is classically stuffed with Poly fiber fill as this type of doll usually is.  Her wings are the lightest whisper of pink with a wee bit of shimmer and her shoes have a little shimmer yarn tied the the top of them.  Please use your discretion as for age of child she is appropriate for.  I feel all children under the age of 3 should be supervised with all their toys, my 1 year old has a duplicate of this doll and with in a few weeks, she did manage to pull the foot yarn off!  But everything else has stayed just as it should.

Her little Fairy wings!

To enter this giveaway, if you would enjoy having Tinkerbell come live with you,

(1) please just post a comment below and mention your Facebook name that you have liked the Facebook Page with (go like the page if you haven't!)

(2) and add any type of handmade doll or toy picture to the Facbook Page!!/pages/Waldorf-Doll-Cloth-Doll-Shopper/205621946135909?sk=wall with.  Please only enter the giveaway if you are truly interested in this doll, thank you. 


  1. I not only like your FB page...I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing all the greatness!!
    Nicole Eppes Merryman

  2. Very well done- She is ADORABLE! Love her! :)

  3. Btw- my email of choice is in case ;)

  4. I love your page too! ... I just need to strengthen my will power, so that I am not tempted to buy everything you post ;)

    FB = Lizzy English

  5. Love your page! What a cutie, and our 9 yr. old is a huge Tinkerbell fan!!!

  6. Would love the chance to bring her to our house. We have a kitty named Tinkerbell and we are huge Tinkerbell fans. Thank you for the chance. :) My Facebook name is Meredith Rollins Shannon.

  7. We would love Tinkerbell, thank you for the opportunity :)
    I am Kelly Dolly Bacon on facebook x