Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank You Fan's Give Away #2!

Here she is, a very cute GooseBeary Mermaid all ready to move in with your little one and have some Summer fun!

This fun Mermaid Girl straight out of the Ocean was handcrafted by Joy of the Goosebeary Shop, and Facebook Page!/TheGooseBearyShop 

Joy crafts a wonderfully charming doll inspired by the Waldorf style.  I have to admit to having a few of Joy's dolls!  And having given 3 mini mermaids as gifts this summer!

The first mermaid on the left is my daughters, the middle doll is Joy a 10 inch girl, and the mermaid on the right is the Give Away girl.

What I love about Joy's dolls is the Rustic Country American Charm feeling she puts into them.  They feel like a doll crafted in the Heart of America, which they are!  Joy's dolls are very much made with children in mind and they come ready to jump into adventure with your child.  I also have come to feel that she makes a perfect mermaid in this size, they are like Mermaid children, toddler sized, not full grown mermaids, just sweet young ones!

Here the girls are enjoying a few days before the Mermaid on the Left in this picture departs to her new home.

I nearly do think these girls might be able to swim like fish!

But don't worry we didn't push it and no GooseBeary's were harmed in this photoshoot!

One last look at her, if you win the giveaway this mermaid will be off to live with your family!

How to enter, first I ask that you only enter for this giveaway if you truely would love this doll.  She is very much a doll made to play with children so I hope she will join a little girl or boy for much play and adventure time.  She is made out of all natural materials, and stuffed with wool, as well as her hair being wool, a very soft squishy wool, great for little fingers to explore.  Last do keep in mind even though she is fine for little children, under the age of 3 you should always be watchfully supervising your little one, sometimes my little dear gets a handfull of yarn fuzz and gives it a taste, so something to mindful of.

How to enter
1.  Please enter a comment below with your Facebook name (make sure you are a fan on Facebook)

And that is it, I will pick the winner on Sunday, August 7, 2011
Good luck everyone!


  1. Oo, we are big fans of the goosebeary shop. I have a couple dollies of hers waiting in the closet for my daughters birthday in a couple weeks here. Oops forgot, my fb name is Ellen Engelhart

  2. Huge fan of the Goosebeary shop here, I counted today and I have more of her dolls in my house than any other doll maker. Each of my girls have a mermaid and now my son needs one because his pirate friend needs a girlfriend ;-) she would be perfect for him. Thank you
    Nicole Eppes Merryman

  3. What a sweet mermaid! She would be eel loved here! I'm Crystal Tew Clark n Facebook

  4. We would love a chance to win this mermaid sweetie. We have some of Joy's lovelies at our house and she does amazing work. Thank you for the chance :)

  5. Sorry, forgot, Meredith Rollins Shannon on fb

  6. Entering for Jennifer Groves Dragon! Good Luck!

  7. Meredith Klobucnik, fan of yours on FB <3 My daughters would lovej her.

  8. Would love a chance to win! My dd would love her and we do not yet own a Waldorf doll. Fb fan name Melissa Speegle