Monday, June 6, 2011

A Dolls Outfit


A Dolls Outfit!

So back in the fall I was really getting the itch to sew something, anything!  I got my good old 1974 Viking Husquavarna machine out that I had inherited from my grandmother, a very good seamstress.  I had been lucky enough as a teenager to sew a few items with her before she passed on.

Well sadly she (the machine) had sat for quite a few years, I got busy in life.  So that night I got her out and started her out, it wasn't good.  A slow start, thread getting all caught up.........................I left it to sit while I went and combed through it's user manual.  DH kept saying "bet it needs oiling, I can do that."  I said stay away from it"  Well he got sassy and sat down and pushed the foot peddle to the floor and weeeeeee off the machine flew and then ohhhhhhhhhhhh, all that burning smell and it came to a jammed up halt.  Right well then that is not good.  I am emotionally attached to this machine, my grandmother left it to me, out of 9 grandchildren, she left it to me!  And this was the good old kind of machine I learned to sew on in school, real work horses, all metal parts, no cheap plastic.  I couldn't even fathom where to begin a search for a new one.

Okay long story short, my father is also emotionally attached to this machine, grandma was his mother.  He has many fond memories of her sewing and creating.  So Dad took it upon himself to take the machine back to the shop that it was originally purchased at and get it repaired.  He called me up and said "what is the machine worth to you", I said "it was grandma's"  So he said ""how much would you be looking to spend on a new machine.  So I told him what I thought the price bracket would be that I would be looking in and he said well that is roughly the same to fix this machine.  I said I liked that machine the best good old quality, he agreed and bless him he paid for the repairs.

But while my dear machine was away I wanted to sew something so badly, so I took to hand, needle, and thread, ironing board and pins and lots of patience.  My tidy little stitches amazed me.  My time consuming method of folding all the raw edges over twice and pressing them flat and then sewing the down so there would be no ugly raw edges was NUTS.  But it all turned out so nice after pressing and sewing for a week in between taking care of all 4 kiddos.


And here it is on a very pretty girl by Gopita, a beautiful christmas gift from  my sister.


an inside look at the seams                   everything folded, hidden and pressed                 

Inside of the top, all raw edges pressed under and sewn down and I made a cute little hand made by Tag.

She does look very nice in this simple pant suit.  I think the super cute print of the fabric makes the outfit!  I spent a long time sketching tops and bottom and then turning them into pattern pieces before I had it mostly right!

The back has ribbon detailing to match the waist band of the pants.

I actually like how using ribbon makes a pretty waistband, don't tell anyone I did it because I found my pants were running a little short in the inseam and this was the best way I could figure out how to add length!  And it is pretty!

End result a comfy, pretty outfit that dolly could wear to a festive occasion or just go out in the fall leaves and do cartwheels!

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