Saturday, June 11, 2011

Penelope, a Dollar Store Waldorf Style Doll

Children keep us so busy, amazing how much I don't get too! 

But I really want to finish my Dollar Store Waldorf Doll, she is my challange!  What a way to start any attempt at making a doll than with a challange!  Turns out cotton balls are very hard to sew threw.  I am really hoping wool gives to the needle a wee bit better.  My husband keeps looking at me weirdly and wondering if I am every going to crack into the box of lovely supplies I have waiting! 

But at last, I have to finish Penelope first.  Yes she got a name tonight, I picked her up and looked at her this evening and sure enough, she said Penelope!

So here she is, she has her face on!  Technical note, I liked the shape of my head in the begining but it seems to have squashed  flat some how during the embroidery of her face.  Characterisctic of rolled cotton balls, maybe?  Compacted and rolled cotton seems to be incredibly hard, she has the hardest doll head I have felt!

Her hair is started, it is certainly pretty hair.  A girl has a lot going for her if her hair is pretty!  This is only layer one, so I got some sewing to do, tonight?

But ummmmmm oh what am I going to do about this?

Yikes!  Girlfriend needs some legs!  I know, I know.  I have probably gone about her creation all wrong!  But is there a right way?  The first night I sat down and rolled a head and then I figured out how to cover it in socks (skin), and made up some arms, didn't think it would take to long to give her a little torso.  But I got totally stopped up, tired and frustrated of cutting parts from socks and that is where her body ended that night and has stayed! 

Thought if I got some pretty hair going, I would get inspired to get the legs going, but she has been just hanging out legless!  Right so legs, will give her legs before the end of next week, promis.

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